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We all need different amounts of energy and this will depend on your own basal metabolic rate (BMR), which measures the amount of energy you use to maintain the basic functions of the body, as well as your level of activity. Some activities use more energy than the others.

Generally, a healthy diet will include:

Please see events for the next nutrition and weight management 8 week course that runs in Thatcham.

Benefits of healthy eating:


It doesn't matter what sport you participate in, it is vital that the body receives the correct nutrients to stay healthy. What you eat and drink during the week before a competition can make a big difference to your performance, particularly for endurance events and competitions that last more than 90 minutes.

I can help on with the following:

Consultation Costs:
To help with your nutritional requirements, I will take a detailed questionnaire which will last approximately an hour. I will look at the foods you are eating, your medical history, what your lifestyle is like, so I can build a complete picture of your unique situation.
First Consulation: £30
Consultation thereafter: £20